About Sadie Smithson

Growing up in a predominantly Christian home, witchcraft is an interesting subject to me. I guess we always love things that are different from our “normal”. I love to read, and soon found myself immersed in the worlds of JK Rowling, Madeline L’Engle and Roald Dahl. After a brief period of being told I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter, I finally convinced my parents that there was a fine line between reading about magic, and believing in magic (although I firmly believe my Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail). They finally let me read the series, and I got hooked!

As a college student, I discovered more films that I enjoyed, more books that had creative approaches to magic, and decided I would one day contribute to the growing library by writing my own novel. Magic will definitely be a part of those pages.

If I am not reading, I am shopping, and not just for books. I also love to travel, and often frequent airport books shops for editions of books with different covers. My favorite part about going to new places is trying the food. At the end of the day, though, there is no place like home.