Three Important Things To Teach In Order To Be More Marketable As A Child Care Provider

More and more mothers are finding themselves leaving the home to join the work force so the need for quality child care is at an all time high. This also means that you need to find ways to make your child care more marketable. Snacks and games are no longer enough, you need to incorporate more things into your child care business that will make parents want to choose your as their primary child care provider. Below is a list of simple things you can begin doing with your child care kids that will make their parents happy they choose you.

Teach Through Textures

Teaching the toddlers in your child care put you in a higher demand because you are going above and beyond your call of duty. Young children learn best when they are using their sensory skills. This means that they can absorb more information are utilizing one of their main senses. Cut out different letters in the alphabet or numbers. Decorate them with paste, beads or beans so that the children and trace them with their fingers and feel how the letters and numbers feel. Every morning when the children and dropped off to you, have them touch the paper and say the letter out loud. Parents will be very impressed on how well and fast they are catching on.

Teach Them About Manners

Every parent wants a respectful child, however, parents who are constantly working may not have the time to teach them about proper manners and the way to act towards other. Taking this burden off their parents will be very helpful to them. Teach your child care toddlers to remember to say “please” and “thank you”. It may take the toddlers a little while to catch on, but you can create a game out of it which will help them. Playing a game like “Mother, May I” will turn learning into fun, which will make it easier for your child care children to remember.

Teach Them About Responsibility

Though they are toddlers, they are still old enough to learn how to put away their toys and books. It is never too early to start teaching children these skills. Teaching your child care children how to pick up after themselves will also make it easier on their parents for the time they are at home. Start small when trying to teach your toddlers the importance of picking up after themselves. For instance, have each child pick up the blocks first. After the blocks are picked up, move on to picking up the arts and crafts. Continue to move onto different tasks until all of the mess is picked up. After each time a task is completed, reward your toddlers with a round of applause so they know they did something great.

Child care providers have to find new and inventive ways of making themselves marketable with the influx of working mothers. By teaching your child care toddlers these basic skills, you will be able to make both the parents and the child happy. Contact a business, such as Kid’s Country Child Care & Learning Center for more information. 

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