3 Benefits Of Private Schools

One of the biggest decisions parents make regarding their children is whether to send them to public schools, which are funded and run by local and national governments, or private schools, which are funded largely by the tuition parents pay. There are many benefits that come with sending your child to private schools, three of which are listed below. 

1. Parental Involvement

As stated above, public schools are funded by governments, which means those governments get the final say in what is taught and how it is taught. On the other hand, when parents pay for their child’s education, as they do with private schools, they get to be involved in the decisions about what their children are taught. Concerns from parents are taken very seriously in private schools and, while you might not always get exactly what you want, as a parent, you will be able to know that your questions will be heard and your concerns taken into consideration as you are essentially a paying customer.

2. Better Student-Teacher Interaction

One of the main problems with public schools is the high student-to-teacher ratio. In private schools, class sizes are much smaller, meaning your children can get more one-on-one time with their teacher and have better access to the help they need. Many private schools also have set higher achievement standards than public schools, giving your child the extra push that many children need. Your child will be able to progress faster and be more prepared for standardized tests and eventually college classes. If you want your child to have more and better opportunities, private school might be the best option for him or her. 

3. Freedom

When the government does not fund a school, it only mandates their educational structure on a broad level. Private schools have a lot more freedom when it comes to the type of education they offer. If you want your child’s education to have religious involvement, private schools have the freedom to include that in their curriculum. There are also a broader ranger of enrichment and extracurricular activities offered in private schools, giving your child more opportunity to find things they enjoy doing and friends with whom they can enjoy doing them.

Private schools are a great option for parents who want more involvement in their child’s education, higher standards and better classroom management, and more freedom from government-mandated curriculum and education. If these things sound good to you, look into private school like Saint Thomas Academy for your child today. 

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