How to Offer Preschool Lessons at a Home Daycare Center

Are you running a home daycare center and looking for ways to make more money? You may want to offer preschool learning programs to parents to help their children learn vital skills before enrolling in an elementary school. Find out how you can get started with running a preschool during the daycare hours from the comfort of your home.

How Can Preschool Lessons Be Offered at a Home Daycare Center?

The first thing you must do is make sure there are no permits or certificates necessary for running a preschool out of your home. You can find out by contacting the social services office in your area. Some states have stricter laws than other, but if your daycare is already legally licensed, you can likely offer preschool services with no problem.

After you have been given the go ahead to run a preschool, you will need to invest in a curriculum for the students. Preschool curriculums can be purchased based on what you desire to teach the students and the type of daycare you are running. For instance, if you are running a Christian-based daycare center, you can opt for a curriculum that teaches children basic skills while incorporating bible scripture. Some of the subjects included in most curriculums include:

  • English
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Basic math
  • Reading comprehension

The great thing about investing in a curriculum instead of downloading study materials from the internet is that you will have actual workbooks to give out. Handing out workbooks will give you a more professional image that may attract more parents.

Will Additional Supplies Have to Be Purchased with the Curriculum?

There are some curriculums that will automatically include supplies based on the subject. For instance, the science portion of the curriculum may include measuring tools for doing a project. The only thing that you may have to purchase is items that include glue, writing paper, pencils, rulers and other basic items that students may need to use with the curriculum. Most public schools ask parents to pay a fee for supplies, so that is something doing too if you want to save money.

The key to increasing the profits of your daycare center is to offer services that parents can take advantage of. You can go wrong by teaching preschoolers basic skills while they are at your center. Many of the things taught in preschools are fast and easy to teach with the right curriculum. Learn more through resources such as Star-Brite Learning Program.

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