3 Tips To Help Teens Prepare To Receive Their Drivers License

Getting a drivers license as a teenager can be a very fun and exciting achievement in life, and being able to drive will allow you more freedom than you have likely ever known. However, when it comes to getting your drivers license, there are certain steps that you must take and tests that you must pass. In order to pass these tests and complete these tasks, it is important to plan ahead and study hard. This article will provide you with 3 different tips for preparing to get your drivers license. 

Study Hard For Your Driver’s Permit Test

One of the first steps to getting your drivers license is going to be to pass the test for your driving permit. You will be given a drivers handbook that will teach you all of the basics about driving, the laws of the road, and any other information that you need in order to safely drive a vehicle. The driver’s permit test will ask you questions directly related to the information in the book, and you will be required to pass with a certain score in order to get your permit.

 Your drivers permit  or “learners permit” will allow you to drive as long as an adult with a license is in the car with you. You will be required to drive with an adult for a certain number of hours before you are allowed to get your driver’s license. These hours will allow you to put into practice what you studied in order to pass the driver’s permit test, and will allow you to apply real world experience to your driving. 

Get Your Driving Hours In

Once you have received your drivers permit, you will then start clocking in several driving hours. While the amount of time that you need to spend behind the wheel can vary from state to state, it is usually about 40 hours, with 10 of these hours occurring at night. Most states will also require you to have your drivers permit for at least 6 months before you can take your driving test and receive your official drivers license. It is a good idea to practice driving on all different kinds of roads, such as back roads, highways, freeways, side streets etc., in order to get a diversified driving experience. 

Remain Calm and Collected During Your Driving Test

During your time driving with your drivers permit you will have completed several different driving tasks, such as parking, reversing, parallel parking, stopping, starting the car, using your blinker, etc. All of these tasks will need to be performed during your drivers test, so having a lot of experience with them is key. You will also want to remember all of the information that you learned in your drivers education class in order to help you correctly obey all of the laws of the road. 

In order to remember all of this information and the driving skills that you have learned, it is important to remain calm and collected. You will have been given the opportunity to practice a bit with your driving instructor before actually starting the driving test, so practicing and getting all of your nerves out at this time is a great idea. Your driving instructor will correct any driving errors that you make while you are practicing, and this will help you to go into the driving test feeling confident and well prepared.

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