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Witches in Children's Stories

Witches in Children’s Stories

Witches are often shown as being scary, but they are often key characters in kids’ books. They might be the evil queens in fairy tales, or be the good witches in a Halloween-themed story.

Fiction Novels with Witches

Fiction Novels with Witches

The Potter craze did not begin the trend of witchcraft in novels, but it sure increased its popularity. Whether they hold the magic in fantasy books, or if they are real, practicing witches in the South, magic in in books to stay.

Witches in Film and TV

Witches in Film and TV

Whether you grew up watching Samantha or Sabrina, television and movies offer witchcraft for everyone. If horror is your taste, get ready for voodoo and paranormal activity. If you like a comedy, the whole family can enjoy awesome classics.